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Inner Journey Wellness Coaching

Helping women creatively design a joyful and healthy life post-career!

Gardening Together

Why Seek Out Inner Journey Wellness Coaching?

Below are examples:

  • You are transitioning from career to retirement (or semi-retirement)

  • You are going through a major life transition

  • You are newly divorced or widowed and trying to build a new life

  • You had a career, took time off to be a full-time mom, the kids are off on their own and you are thinking, "what's next?"

  • You are wanting to find meaning outside of work

  • You want to optimize your health & well-being

  • You want to clarify your life purpose post-career

  • You are feeling a bit adrift after retiring from your career

  • You are feeling fearful about the idea of retirement


Like many career women, you have been working hard your entire life. Leaving your career behind to start a new phase in your life can be unsettling, especially if you do not have a clear vision of the life ahead of you. Getting the support of a life transition coach can make the difference between living an unfulfilling retired life and rocking retirement!

The Method of Coaching Used by Inner Journey Welless Coaching is Called Intrinsic Coaching®

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What is different about Intrinsic Coaching® vs. regular life coaching?  An Intrinsic Coach® chooses to regard you as the expert on yourself, recognizing that you already have in place all the “assets” needed to discover your own answers which, uniquely reside within you. Intrinsic Coaching®, therefore, is not about ‘telling’, ‘advising', or even ‘guiding’ you, since this approach invariably involves the imposition of the coach's thinking about what is ‘best’ for you.

The Intrinsic Coach® is an “asset-based” approach that builds on your strengths and what is important to you. It focuses on thinking more deeply about what goals you want to accomplish, and the capacity to think better about choices, rather than focusing on obstacles to overcome, thus eliciting an empowering process. 

Intrinsic thinking values uniqueness and individuality, in other words, what is important to you, that cannot be predicted by another person (including the coach). You are unique and fully capable of doing your best thinking!

The power of such thinking is that it can be applied not only in the coaching session, but it can also be integrated into your day-to-day life lifestyle. The skills learned in Intrinsic Coaching® will continue to benefit you for the rest of your life.

What Else Makes The Inner Journey Sessions Unique?

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Karen Fehr has created a unique method that allows people to go deeper in their thinking.  Each coaching session begins with a short centering ritual that is uniquely designed for you. This ritual includes having you set an intention and purpose prior to the coaching so that you can use your time most effectively in the coaching session. This frees up your thinking and energy so you can tap into your highest potential in life.

Why Invest in Coaching?

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Instead of hoping things will work out, you will be GETTING the results you want. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic found that lifestyle coaching created significant improvements in all quality of life areas (physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual functioning). Benefits were also found in the area of fewer symptoms of depression as well as improvement in perceived stress levels.

You will receive the following support from Intrinsic Coaching®:

  • Your coach will help you through the process of creating a vision for the life you want post-career

  • You will have a process to help you gain clarity about what needs to happen as you transition into this new phase in your life

  • You will receive help in developing a healthy mindset and healthy habits that align with your goals

  • Out of the thinking process used in Intrinsic Coaching®, you will be able to tap into your inner passions. Therefore steps to implement your plan will begin to unfold in a way that feels natural to you. From this will come a weekly plan to reach your goals. You will wake up with a clear intent on a day to day basis

  • Your coach will be with you every step of the way until you accomplish your goals (you will have an accountability partner)

How Do I Sign Up For Coaching?

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Implementation of your goals does not occur overnight. It is an evolving process. Therefore, to get the results you want and deserve, the coaching is structured in 30 minute sessions.  Two options are available:

  •   4 sessions

    • to kickstart your lifestyle change

    • cost - $380

    • During that time frame, I will help you...
      • developing strategies to create action

      • break it down into action steps you can do weekly.

    • Getting clear on your goals and desires

  • 12 sessions (recommended)

    • to facilitate sustainable life changes

    • cost - $960

    • During that time frame, I will take you through five stages...

      • Getting clear on your goals and desires

      • Developing strategies to create action

      • Breaking it down into action steps you can do weekly.

      • Weekly sessions to keep you supported as you take action.

      • Revisiting your goals and strategies as you start to get results

The sessions are conveniently conducted weekly via phone or if preferred, via Zoom. Email me today to set up your FREE consultation. We will discuss the process and the best option for you. 

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